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Black Thorn Manor is a comedy horror walking simulator game with all sorts of weird and unexpected things happening. You play as Estder D. Donovan a Priest who is investigating the manor armed with the power of Christ.

Game created by Elliott Desouza, Sebastian Mol, Toby Wishart and Daniil Sheshtanov

Release date Apr 19, 2019
Tags3D, Comedy, First-Person, Horror, Unity, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


Final build.zip 894 MB


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hilerious game! i. am. the. robot. priest.


Gave it a go...


What a strange game. Had some spooks and had some coots.


This was actually a pretty fun game!


I kinda got lost, but hey it was fun :)


Had fun playing your game! There were some pretty good jump scares and a bit of funny moments. Not sure if I hit a bug in the end or if that's how the game was made. Overall really fun game!

Thank you so much!! We all watched your playthrough and got some good laughs out of it, also saw new bugs we've never even seen before. Sadly, where the camera gets stuck at the end, it blocks the last quarter of the game as there's a game breaking bug that we were mid fixing but had ran out of time on our deadline. We will try to fix them in the future but we can't touch the files at the moment for our submission. We love the feedback and sorry for making you go through that experience :)